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Betas Streetfighters....
« on: May 22, 2003, 03:59:47 PM »
Yes it is or was.

Was in the same issiue that Mr Rotwell was playing in the WestCoast RS500 cosworth on the drag strip. aslo Steve parrish in the BP truck.

I liked that bike alot thumbs

My streetFighters and i like most Streetfighters to be honest

Beta's StreetFighters

Never had the money to go balls out really.

The black bike was early 90,s built.
 Z650 frame FJ1200 engine with 36mm flatside carbs, zxr750h front and back end (trick then) this bike had a very low seat hight.

It did the ramsey sprint in 6.92 many moons ago, i have the ticket somewhere.
and it did GSXR1100W and the like over the 1/4 too

And also handled very well also thumbs

Twas the early days of streetfighters, no GSXR11S like the one below, Mr Rothwell began that Idea i belive.

The GSXR1100K was built around 98 as a toy.
i brought the frame and engine as a lump then raided the westcoast salvage yard for the rest...oh and some bits from carl pedder headbang

Then i got all the stuff polished......took the whole lot round to my mate are C.Q.Performance in southport. he built it back up for me while i was on would not go quick enough i can tell you.

But at heart i am a SPEED FREAK hence the Hayabusa wink
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