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EBAY items on DTP
« on: January 23, 2008, 12:26:08 PM »
It has been suggested that there are plenty of members on DTP and who would like to buy from other members before stuff makes it's way to ebay.


If you put it on here first members can buy from members get to know each other and know you can trust the seller.

If it's on ebay more people will see it but could take longer to sell unless you have listed a buy it now.

Also if it goes the full distance on ebay you will have a final value fee to pay as well as the original listing fee.

So what about if you wana sell it fast put it on ebay put the listing in our "for sale" area, but also offer members a discount or buy it now price, then you can cut your auction short and save money on a final value fee too.

So you would have a listing like this...

Or if any DTP Member wants it 15.00

PM or Email me for payment details

Can collect or will post for extra cost
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