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Asbourne 27/01/08. Piccies. 2008 #1!
« on: January 29, 2008, 01:41:41 AM »
Well for a mid-winter January day last Sunday was a beautiful day. The recent heavy rains have washed all the salt off he roads and cleansed the surface to leave mile after mile of inviting tarmac. The sun was out and the temperature was in double figures! What more could a biker want?? Well a bike would be a start. However I was stuck 65 miles from home in Coalville in my diesel car having dropped my daughter and another gymnast at a coaching course. But rescue was at hand. Thumper has now increased his bike selection to five, so a few phone calls and about an hour later I was outside his house on his VTR1000, he picked his Thundercat for the day and we were joined for the proceeding by Toggs on his new toy; a 2007 Fireblade. Very nice!

Storm, Cat and Blade looking business like in black.

After a brief debate we decide to head out from Sutton Coldfield on the outskirts of Brum in the general direction of Matlock , Derbyshire, a well liked bike meet.

The route took in the A453 towards Tamworth, then the A513 and finally the A515.

The A513 is a fun stretch of tarmac with some fast sections laced with tighter, more challenging corners including some real sharp ones that take the road under bridge parapets as the road thins. You need to be alert to get the best from them. I was really enjoying myself on my first proper ride since last October. God, you just forget how good it feels to be on a bike on a day like this. The Firestorm is fitted with 'earthquake' cans and was providing me with a stirring soundtrack to accompany my progress. The Thundercat and Blade are whisper quiet in comparison breathing through their muted factory fit systems.

The A515 is more open and the speeds rose with the confidence. At one point a ZX10R swept past me. I was enjoying my ride and my pace and did not want to get drawn in, however both Toogs and Thumper took the bait and they pulled way at quite a rate of knots. I found it highly amusing to watch Thumper dressed in a mix a of biking gear and chords (?), that gave hime the appearance of farmer Giles, give the ZX10R pilot in the full Power Ranger outfit a real scare! LOL

I reached Ashbourne and decided to halt for a cuppa. Toggs and Thumper were already there and buzzing from their dice.

ZX10R and overdressed pilot

Toggsy and Thumper (Farmer Giles) at Ashbourne

Toggsy and his Blade

Ashbourne, bathed in milky winter sunshine, beautiful

Well after a cuppa and a hot pork roll (cheers Toggs) we decided to turn for home rather than go up to Matlock. For the return leg I took the Thundercat, Toggsy the Storm and farmer Giles had a try of the Blade.

I picked up my pace a bit as Thumper's Cat is obiviously very similar in feel to my own. The run back to Sutton was despatched without fuss and Thumper enjoyed the Blade. I turned down the offer of a quick blast as I was not feeling 100% to be honest, and you need to be totally on the ball to ride somebody else's new 170 bhp superbike!

All in, a superb ride out that was all the better for being unplanned. So cheers to Thumper for the loan of the bikes, to Toggs for the buttys and to both for being good company on the years' first ride out.

Hope the summer is as good! :big grin: