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Project Budget Dragqueen
« on: December 08, 2009, 06:49:19 PM »
Few cut n pasted sections from my build diary so far from another forum.:wink:

Make yerself a cup of tea, its a long few posts for yer all to catch up.

My latest project I got few weeks ago. Wasnt planning another project, but it just kinda happened.  Got garage full as is with my VW trike, Harris, n Ninja fighter, but hey ho. Was at the right price and just round corner from me.

Had been sat outside n well weathered. Everything either rust or brush painted hammerite. Nice. Been sat for a year as had an electrical problem. Him n his mates couldnt sort it so gave up and it just sat in corner of shed in bits and several boxes. Tank got damaged from kicking about on floor. Few dents n a big ass dent underneath n tap snapped off. Why do I buy these things? Well its a 2004 bike and it was only ?400, round corner and still had T&T on it and a few nice bits like braided hoses, renthals, high level race pipe, brand new discs F/R, Chain n sprockets, n stack of spares like brake pads another chain, etc, etc.

Original plan was to break it, or just get it running n flog on for small profit as a tatty winter hack for someone. Got it running within an hour n phoned him and left a message on his machine of it revving away quite happily.  He wasnt too chuffed, but hey ho Im good at electrics too.

Anyway one thing led to another and decided to keep it n build a drag style bike out of it like this:-

A style I havent done before. Always built streetfighters to handle n thought it would be something different. Completely pointless given I live on a remote scottish island with next to no straights, but miles n miles of twisty empty mountain roads with no traffic lights/junctions/cameras, etc. But hey got other bikes sitting there for the twisties, might as well build something different n silly. Show up local chavs imprezas n knee slider brigade up Stornoway who just ride round n round n round town centre all day............... when its sunny of course.

Right quick catch up via pics, cos cant be arsed typing every stage of it so far.

Stripped it down using a grinder as all bolts rusted solid! :-

Found some of the exhaust studs were welded onto collars as were snapped. Bodgetastic!:-

Sorted out loom properly as it was nothing but loose wires n selotape when got it as owner n mate had been attempting to `fix` it:-

Me mate Yantosh cut out damaged section on underneath of tank, built it back up n put on a new boss for the tap, which I got out of my mates junk pile:-

While it was there some mods for fuel return were done to allow fuel to be pumped back into tank above fuel level through one of original breather tubes underneath. Reason to be explained later in pics. lol. :-

Got this fresh GSXR750M motor (last of oil cooled models) offf a mate in exchange for a cut price lid paintjob for his girlfreind:-

Came with big 36/38mm slingshot carbs too, and matching CDI pack:-

Straight out of running healthy bike as he upgraded to 12 lump. 102 rwbhp stock n good 110-115 with some jetting n fiddling. Good strong lump n in good nick. So good in fact I sort of got carried away n bought this for ?49 delivered:-

Bargain and in full working order with no play or owt. Correct airflow CFM and A?R ratio, etc to match engine characteristics. All turbo specs required off FastByMe who certainly knows his stuff. On standard motor at low boost to keep it reliable will give bout 150-160 rwbhp n vertical torque curve. Keeping it geared down to 150 flat out in 6th gear too, so will be damn quick acceleration. Yantosh is making my plenum and exhaust headers in exchange for paint too. Keeping costs down. lol.

Got a drag spec bandit 12 swingarm coming from Yantosh in exchange for some airbrushing on the SF mag project SV650. Underbraced and some one-off 6-8" extentions to keep front end down.......... hopefully. Might stick on some wheelie bars too. If yer gonna be silly, might as well be properly silly.  

Took sprocket cover off bandit 6 lump n attacked various spacer n fittings with grinder to make it fit 750 lump as has speed sensor coming off engine on bandit n want to keep bandit clocks as like em. Theyre the later electronic ones with swoopy dials on startup n leccy trip counter, etc:-

Got this Hall sensor on back that takes a signal from a castle nut type spacer on output shaft which I had to make fit 750 lumps sprocket shaft. All done tho:-

Frame was a bit `untidy`. Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol:-

No blasters or anything up here as wee island so to keep costs down spent bout 2 weeks of evening sitting with wire brush on end of drill n hand wire brush n various scraping tools stripping back frame:-

While doing that started cleaning up wee bits n bobs after work in evenings:-

Came up well considering they were just piles of rust, green moss n flaky paint. Amazing what bit of elbow grease n wet n dry n autosol can do. Sanded faded red (PINK) anodising off renthals n polished em up too. All done by hand. Top yoke got sanded smooth n polished too while at it as flaky silver paint aint my thing. lol.

Had a damaged helmet sitting on shelf which my wife was wearing in an accident few months back. Did its job thankfully, but back of it was shredded from tarmac. Wedged dominator lights in it that came with bike n thought wahey. Chop n repaint it n will do the job nicely. Smooth look, can airbrush it to death with rest of bits, n decent nighttime lights too. Gonna be a 2-up mile-muncher same as rest of my bikes after all. Need some practicality.

Got frame stripped eventually. Painted with brush on rust treatment to kill it off completely.

Fell off hook while doing it busting me ankle (ok after few days) n putting hole in Harris clutch casing. Mates sending me thru some material tho so soon fix it in coupla hours. One of those things.

Sanded back n 2K primed:-

Sanded back n reprimed, n repeated that few times till got smooth frame rails in visable sections of frame once assembled. Drowned it in 2K black:-

Sanded back again visable areas. Built a workbench out of scrap pallets n bedframes out of our firewood pile:-

Saves me poor old back, and space. lol.

And thats us fairly up to date really. Just spent this weekend slapping some airbrushng onto frame in the sections that will be visable once together. Made it up as went along and turned out nice, well I like it anyway n its my bike!

Tother side:-

Removeable frame section:-

Flame licks come round to between downtubes too:-

Had stack of stainless gate bolts sitting doing nowt. Dirt cheap compared to stainless hex heads n available from local farmers shops for pennys. Had some sitting so less to spend out. lol. Turned down some frame fixings for removeable frame section on my lathe...................not. One ?15 drill n ?15 grinder n bit of wet n dry later.

Spring washer behind head to hold while tighten rear nut n voila!

Look cool n cost nowt. Original nuts were so rusted up had to grinder em off. lol.

Bodywork gonna be same theme as frame obviously. Blue true flame over bio-mech n skulls, etc. Spraying engine block next and polishing up casings, etc ready to slot into frame. Going to apply some airbrushing to engine block too. Going for organic complete look for bike. Even clock inserts will be airbrushed up to match paintwork.

Gonna be a very quick bike in a straight line which is what Im after just for the laugh of it. Gonna be cheap too. Had spent ?450 between bike n turbo, but cleaned up original swingarm n 2K blacked it n sold it to a mate for his bandit:-

Few quid in pocket. He had a new front sprocket n nut I needed sitting spare too. Result.

Also sprayed up a mates lid black for him for another couple of quid bringing total down to ?400 again. Set to drop again tho as just sold B6 engine, carbs, cooler n CDI to another mate. lol. Gonna be a cheap one thats for sure. Few bits to buy yeah (fuel pump, regulator, oil lines) but I`ll find em cheap or biker barter for em. lol.

I`ll add updates as go, but this is a long termer for me. In no rush whatsoever. Treating it as a hobby n doing odd hour here n there to relax. Want to build something nice on a serious budget just to show it can be done. Just a lot of time n patience.

Right off to let me typing fingers cool down............

Lemmie know what yer think so far. Workin on a budget of next nowt so being inventive. lol.

Slapped several coats of 2K black on tonight. Looks like plastic!

Got good coverage n finish so pretty happy with it. Next step is licks of airbrushing ere n there to tie it in n then slap on some clear. And then its the dreaded casing polishing. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggh. lol.

Wee bitty done this afternoon in between chillin out.

These pics before clear cos aint done it yet. lol.

Starter motor:-

Genny backplate:-

Carb tops (x4):-

Bits I did:-

Should look nice when clearcoated n back together n suchlike.

Engines dried nice. Can see reflection of hose in paint just behind cylinder head in photo. lol.

Hopefully lock meslf away for hour or two tomorrow n do the wee bits of airbrushing on that too. Clear coat em during week with comission work.

Apart from that just cleaning up odds n sods, like genny body:-

Started stripping back clocks tonight too. Wee rusty screws are being a twat to get out tho. Tryna get em apart to spray clock face inserts n black shroud, etc so it all ties in with wee touches ere n there. Got front mastercylinder cleaned up n back together on bars too. Wee chunks will add up eventually. lol

Nother wee bitty today. I`ll clearcoat engine n previous engine bits in next few days with comission stuff to give it a gloss finish again.

Airbrushing on tho. Also found out engines had a rebuild n freshen up before I got it. Result!

Side of block:-

Few wee licks ere n there. Runs round to carb rubbers:-

Some Bio-mech n flames on flat bit of casing above clutch cover:-

T`other side more of same really. Few wee licks:-

Wee bitty above starter housing:-

Not so much on this side, but this side will be getting the generator cover and starter motor artwork done the other day bolted on so will balance out.

Still battling tryna get clocks apart. Tiny little rusty damn screws into plastic casing so going slow n steady tryna get em out. One left. lol.

Right thats you guys up to date to where I am. No rush project but doin an hour a day or so to chill out after airbrushing for a living all day. lol. Yeah I know airbrushing to relax from airbrushing for a living. lol.

Updates to follow as go. So far tho stands me ?250 all in. All bike there n bits to come paid for in exchange for airbrushing, etc (long swingarm, plenum, headers). Few bits to buy like fuel pump/reg. Hoses, etc. Should be cheapola 150-160 bhp bike tho. Fearing it for 150 flat out so acceleration should be interesting. lol.

Nother wee bitty after finished off comission lid today.

Cleaned up mastercylinder mounted onto bars with rest of refurbed bits n bobs.

Couldnt get clock dials off n didnt want to bugger clocks so carefully masked em n voila:-

Not clear coated other bits yet, but clear coating comission lid tomorrow so see whats left in gun each coat. lol

Genny back together:-

Starter motor:-

Carbs cleaned out n back together (just need good outside of body scrub):-

Engine all clearcoated n shiny again:-

Started stripping off casings for polishing:-

Dunno if polishing cam cover or spraying silver yet. Gonna be twat to polish. I`ll see. Casings got some serious scrapes n chips outta em. Gonna take flap disc on grinder n sander to em n see if can get rid of worst of em before polishing. Be a few days of looking like a black n white minstrel before updates folks. lol.

Where Im up to anyway (+ engine of course):-

Want casings back on engine before go for engine into frame task without chipping paint. lol. I`ll leave off sprocket casing/genny/starter till engine in frame to maximise my clearance issues getting it in. Gonna go for old engine on its side wrapped in cloths n tape n lower frame over with help of a glamorous assistant (me gorgeous missus). lol

Casings well scabby n scored/chipped up under paint or what was left of it:-

Took sander to worst of scrapes n got carried away n sanded off lettering and rounded all edges, etc. Got rid of 99% of marks tho. Couple of tiny marks that are too deep to sand out, but only tiny. Couple hours last night with wet n dry n bitta polish. Need a proper buff with drill but my polishing mops dead so  will have to wait till get a new one to finish them off properly. Looks ok tho:-

Think smoothy look works quite well against complexity of airbrushing. Nother buff up with a new polishing mop n shuld look ok. ;D

Start sanding another cover back tonight. Not my favourite part of a build.  :-/lol

I am still workin on this project dont worry. Took a step back from it recently as personal problems overwhelmed any inclination to work on it or generally do owt. :hrm

Back on with it again now tho. :upup  

Clutch and other crank casing sanded smooth/polished and back on. Starter too! Looks fab. Not sticking altenator on till in frame tho to maximise clearance.

Oil filler plug was `slightly` tight! Dont know my own strength. lol.

In process of stripping cam cover just now. Not sure whether to attempt to polish it or paint it silver as would be a bastard to do and keep shiny under tank. :hrm  All the fins, etc. I`ll fink of what options n make a choice.

Not far off engine in frame stage anyway. :wink:  Under cam cover spotless like rest of engine.

Valve clearances fine, cam chain looks very new as do guides. Think I got lucky with this engine big time. :coolg

Once cam cover done engines on its way back into frame.

Still coughing my guts up ere with the flu, but had a spell this afternoon of couple hours where felt able to be upright so got wee bitty done.

Frame n engine reunited n altenator back on:-

Me gorgeous missus Linz gave me a hand line em up, etc. Couple tiny scratches on frame in unseen areas, but nowt I cant touch up so alls good.

Just rear engine bolts in at mo as not cleaned others up yet, or ground down more of my stainless fastners for removeable frame section. Needing new flap discs for grinder, but up town wednseday so I`ll grab some then n get em made up n everything bolted in tight.

Chopped down my scrap workbench a foot or so to easier height now. Turned it round so got access to both sides for assembly as clean bits up. My wife also gave me a hand lift the frame/engine back up onto it again. Garage tip of the day:-  `marry a yorkshire lass`. lol.  

Cam covers not done yet, decided it would be a nice touch to grind/sand off all the fins and casting marks for a smooth look like rest of engine casings. Needless to say its a lotta work. Should look cool smooth n polished up tho like rest. Wasnt wanting to let the cover hold me back tho so went for engine in anyway. lol.

Grab some more flap discs mid week as said n get rest of frame fixings made/cleaned up n that bolted together properly. Get the cam cover done n back on, and then probably move on to front forks since have top yoke/bars, etc already done n sitting waiting.

Liking look so far tho, n mega cheapola. lol. ;D

Not got hell of a lot done. Works manic. Been working last couple weekends and evenings too to try catch up with comission work. Still not a bad complaint. Gotta grab the work when its there n not keep folk waiting.

Sanded back sprocket cover over last few eveings removing worst of scrapes. Got to last bit under normal clutch actuator housing n found a fucking crack. Flexed my moobs to see how bad it was and snapped the casing in half. DOH! Was going to fling it off nearest wall then realised I dont need most of cover anyway as on my motor the clutch actuator is on the clutch cover side.

Attacked what was left with grinder/sander, etc, and ended up with this. Does the job n dont look too bad I reckon. Saves cost of another cover too. lol.

Bit of grinding n fiddling with spacers got bandit leccy speedo sensor mounted to gixer 750 output shaft:-

Carbs remounted with some new hoses n bodies scrubbed up, etc:-

Took completed handlebars oota downstairs toilet wedged em on roughly in place to get em out of my way in house. Be getting bolted up soon anyway. Clock inserts look cool in situ. Nice cow horn bars. lol. Mooooooooo!

Still fighting with cam cover, but times against me till work dies down a bit. Still Im in no rush. It`ll be done when its done.

Nother bitty today. Got cam cover done n on. Not perfect but best I can do with basic hand tools n graft. Any imperfections wont be seen once coil leads, hoses, bodywork, turbo pipework, etc, etc on. Dont look too bad tho n summit different for nowt outlay.

Ground down some more stainless bolts and got removeable frame section bolted up properly:-

Breather cover to clean up, couple frame touchups from getting engine in, and then onto front end next methinks.

Have been chipping away at this honest!  ;D

Coils, tank rubbers, loadsa misc bits, etc cleaned up n on:-

Rearsets looking bit better than smoothrite n rust originals:-

Some matching flames/bio-mech airbrushing on wee bits like shifter arm:-


Shift rod:-

Footrest brackets:-

Polished up footrests n removed those horrible 1/2 ton lead weight things on bottom.

Tother side:-

Cleaned up n painted wee bits like frame brace, relay mount bracket, etc:-

Stripped seat release mechanism as rusted solid:-

Where Im up to:-

In middle of chopping undertray up with grinder n smoothing it off to sleeken up rear end. Hate those original snow-plough extensions, lol:-

Polishing up exhaust can n bracket at mo too:-

Decided to use some of old exhaust system. Dont really need can on it with turbo as cops/mot guys up here really layed back on loud pipes. Wanna run it tho as a race can so not too quiet, plus turbo will suck up lot of exhaust noise. At least I can go touring 2-up and down south n stuff without getting too much police hassle. Got a Db kliller insert with the bike so can stuff that in for longer trips to keep the plod happy. lol. Nice high level setup too, but can mount it anywhere really so options are open.

Box of bike bits I got with it looking sparce:-

New brake pads x3, 2x new chains, wheel spindles, n brake parts really. Couple indicators, tax disc holder. Not a lot left really to go on.

Got rear wheel and front forks/wheel under desk so they`ll be dragged out before long as running out of small bits. lol.

Brand new Suzuki discs on both wheel I noticed too. Bonus.

Got new bit of lexan through from Yantosh. Cheers bud. Really need to fix borken clutch cover window on Harris somepoint too so can give it a good clean n thrash.

Did these bits for a mate`s GSX 750 project to help pay for the gixer engine in the bike I got off him.

Transformed his old manky 80`s switchgear which had seen better days into this to match rest of his bike bits:-

N a catch tank:-

Switchgear on my bandit cleaned up pristine and as new, but looking at how the above manky old switchgear came out with bit of TLC is making me think I should strip my own switchgear back off n airbrush it.  ;D

Not a lot today, but nother wee bitty.

Chopped the rear undertray standard snowplough extension off n smoothed out as much bits of it as possible. Looks pretty good.

Got it mounted:-

Looks nice n smooth fitment now:-

Better side profile too. Much sleeker than crappy stock setup:-

Dug out wiring loom and gixer CDI box so I`ll get that all back on the loom and connected next few days n see from there really.

Gave up on cleaning up exhaust can/pipes as not sure 100% where its going on bike yet as options are well open. Might cut it down 6 inch too so gonna have to wait till more bodywork bit on, etc and see how its looking and turbo pipework routing, etc.

Nowt left in bits box except brakes n few random suspension bits. Under table is front end and back wheel so looks like theyre next in line so have something to bolt brakes to. lol

Ok now Im stuck! Thought it was all going far too easily. lol.

Didnt get much chance to look at it today as airbrushing till late on. Went out to do a quick 1/2 hour of getting loom layout sitting right round frame tubes, connect few bits n bobs, etc. Basically make a start on getting electrics done.

Thought it would be a straightforwards job as loom mint after sorted it. Knew I was gonna have a few slight problems because of gixer engine. i.e. no carb position sensor/carb heaters. Just taping them up tho as not needed on loom now. Few engine connector blocks different too, but again no biggy to figure out. Plain sailing I thought as pretty good with electrics.

Went to swap over CDI packs to the gixer one to match the engine Im using, and the sodding pins/connectors are different. Probably down to the TPS system which alters timing to match throttle position, etc.

Gixer CDI on left, Bandit CDI on Right:-

Gixer CDI pack standard sized pins so can stick some individual connectors on easy enough, but bit stuck as to what to connect to what.

Got bandit and gixer manuals here, but doesnt show pin/colour wire sequence. Can get wire to pin sequence off bandit loom, by following wires, but dont have a gixer loom to see which wire goes to which pin! HELP!  Can anyone draw me out a pin diagram of gixer cdi/loom connector showing pins and wire colours so can figure it all out??

If have both sets of info I can probably sit down with both wiring diagrams and figure out the right pin sequence. Bit of an unexpected bugger tho.

Got it done tonight! Woohoo. lol.

Took a bit of figuring out getting the 12 odd wires onto 6 cdi pins. Couple of wire splices, and taped off few now obselte wires (2 for TPS and 2 for netural switch engine limiter, etc).

Used standard shielded spade connectors which were a nice tight fit on pins. Taped it all up too, just in case. Pretty well protected behind undertray and seat unit plastics, but better safe than sorry.

I`ll get rest of loom on in next couple of evenings. Need to chop about couple of connectors onto engine which are different. No biggy to figure them ones out tho compared to cdi wiring. lol. Tape up a few obsolete connectors as go along too like carb heaters/TPS, etc. Worth taking time with wiring tho to avoid hassles later on. Get it fed round frame, etc nice n neat and everything soldered up, etc

Weeeellllllll. Did a bit of wiring in between clear coating this afternoon. Got everything chopped about engine connection wise, and clock wiring worked out, etc, etc.

Looking fairly neat:-

Tucked front section of loom into headstock area to cut down on wires and connector blocks visable at front once get that together.

Took sidestand switch and neutral switch wires down under sprocket cover n up back of engine to neaten up whats on show. Some blue mini zip ties on starter wires, etc too.

Still need to solder/tape up a few wires, but got a problem!

Altenator wires! They dont match connector wise. No surprise as rest of engione connectors didnt match either. Chopped em off went connect up n wire colours are different. Checked manual and they dont even match wiring diagram colours, or give any explanation about what goes where in genny.

Heres gixer genny wires on left (one red, and one pinky/orange), and bandit wires on right (one black, and one black and brown).

Checked in manual and bandit wire colours are red and black/brown. Hmmm. Looked at bandit lump to get an idea n totally different genny. Black wire went onto bolt originally (yellow circle), and brown/black wire went onto one of the pins (red circle) with the other pin left blank.

Looking at wiring diagrams for both bikes, both genny outputs are live. One connects into wiring/fuse box, etc, and the other connects into lighting circuit. Presumably lighting one is at higher wattage that other.

Well stumped with this un. Cant think of way of figuring it out apart from leaving disconnected till up n running then measuring genny outputs to figure it out. Anyone know theyre gixer/bandit genny`s?

After a fookin lovely day yesterday, today its pishin it doon up ere! River of water running down road. Grrrr. :-

Got Harris clutch cover back on tho after its slight bandit frame interface. lol. :-

Dragged both bikes out n stood in the rain giving them a damn good scrub up. After about 5 buckets of soapy water I finally found them underneath the grinding n wire brush bandit smeg. I know theyre technically kwaks but bandits my first Suzi n loving it. lol.  :-

Can sit in the garage to my hearts content in the evenings fettling n polishing them back up.

Anyway not much bandit related to speak of as concentrating on getting other 2 bikes cleaned up n running (harris). Trike just needed a wipe over which was cool.

With bikes out of garage got space to drag out bandit front end n look it over:-

Looks like pile of crap same as rest of bits pre elbow grease. Deceptive tho. Brand new suzuki discs on front and back wheels. Only had bout 100 miles of use by previous owner before bike went off road:-

Took wheel off n stuck to one side with back wheel. Do them after forks, etc together as will be airbrushing centres/polishing them as a pair anyway.

So these are the next bits in line to clean up in evenings:-

Yoke manky but wire brush n paint can sort that. Forks well rusty up top end where they were hidden weathering behind those shitty original headlight brackets.:-

Removed n binned them as fooked n just plain ugly. I`ll `buy` (against the blood I know) some new light brackets for forks, or solid mount to 2 tags at bandit frame headstock when get to that stage.

Bottom halfs of fork stanchions mint tho n unpitted. I`m thinking along lines of shrouding top halfs of forks where bad in metal tubing between yokes to hide the rusty sections. Best option can think of really.

Sorry bout non interesting update, but hey ho every builds got boring bits. lol

All wiring issues sorted now n soldered up. Back on with the build! Woohoo.

Went out this afternoon n connected battery n battery charger to gimmie a bit of power, and................................nowt. Waaaaah. lol.

Cut open loom, quadruple checked cdi connections, checked clock/ign wiring. Couldn't find a problem. After about an hour of bridging wires straight to battery n sitting with voltmeter I swapped round starter relay connections n bingo!

Heard the swoosh of the clock dials n everything lit up ready to go-ish (well no oil/forks/wheels, etc, etc lol).

Shouted `Yeah Baby` very loudly and heard a couple of tourists walking by gasp n ask what was that. Oops. lol.

Everything working as far as can see anyway. Dash/clocks/starter/lights, etc. Just have to connect front/back lights and indicators/horn when get to that stage. Back to sanding n polishing/painting then. lol

Sat with my wet n dry n autosol tonight n got one fork leg cleaned up:-

Not perfect, but pretty good. Had a shitload of scrapes n hammer/tarmac dings like engine casings, etc, but most of em sanded/polished out eventually:-

T`other one tomorrow night. I`ll slap some 2K black on lower yoke when get a chance too n can bolt em back up in next few days.

Bit slow with updates at mo. Made the stupid decision to not just paint bottom yoke, but dig out all the misc bits n bobs that were gonna need sprayed too n do em at same time while got paint gear out, etc.

Got sidetracked into brakes! Seemed like a good idea to strip em n paint em at same time as rest of wee bits n bobs.............

Could I fook get em apart! Lump hammer, centre punch, heat, WD40, vice grips, etc, etc. Those pad pins werent for budging!  Ended up cutting pad retaining pins in half with grinder/hacksaw. Still couldnt get pads out as they were rusted solid to pins! To cut a long story short a couple of evenings were spent grinding n drilling pins out of caliper bodys. Weird thing was brake pistons were clean n free and bleed nipples undone no probs too.

Got em apart tho:-

Pistons cleaned up perfect beneath smeg. In middle of spraying em at mo, but got new pads with bike so they`ll be going in all round:-

Sprayed bottom yoke up.

Gonna airbrush it up along with brake calipers n assorted little brackets next few evenings. Might as well detail the we bits too. lol.

1/2 way through polishing up other fork leg too so will have all front end bits n bobs ready to bolt together in next few days. Opted to do back caliper now too tho to get it out of way.

Scored this intercooler of egay for ?10 delivered.

Dont quite need it yet, but was going cheap n gonna be needed further down line. Good clean up n brackets, etc n should look fine.

Bout it for now really till get front end bits together. Did have a 2 minute play on paint tho to roughly test out few ideas. Rough n ready but no time to sit for days doing it properly:-

Yantosh`s long braced B12 swingarm. Helmet nose fairing at front with lights inside as mentioned previously. Scoops at side of bike cover:-  on RHS the turbo side mounted on log manifold, and on LHS the intercooler mounted sideways n force fed airflow by scoop. Want smooth shrouded look overall and gives more bodywork for me to play with the airbrush on as got a `full on` mad idea for the bodywork. Muwahahahaha!!!!   Little bellypan, n Hayabusa-esque swingarm spoiler scoop finishes things off. Sorta stealth bomber long n low menacing look Im after at end of it all. Subject to change along the way, but liking the rough concept at mo.

Sat this afternoon n put me front end bits back together.

Top yoke:-

Forks n stuff:-

Front calipers all cleaned up, painted, greased n new pads in, etc:-

Banjo bolts where rusty chrome so prepped n sprayed those too to cheers em up a bit.

Made new pad pins out of old imperial allen keys. Old trick Ive used for years on brakes. Hexagonal section doesnt seize in countersunk holes. Cut to length leaving a decent size bit sticking out to get hold of with vice grips, unlike originals! Notch with grinder/hacksaw for R-clip n bobs yer uncle. Free, not gonna seize in there, n good quality steel.

Sprayed up the wee steel clips n mudguard brackets, etc while at it:-

Some of yer might have noticed the black section on the fork photos above. Been looking about for offcuts of steel/plastic pipe to slip over pitted sections n cant find owt locally n not paying for it. lol.

Tried a bit of black gaffer tape on with join at rear edge n actually looks nice n tidy! Not gonna see much of it when nose fairing on anyway so might run with it to disguise pitted/rusty top sections. Nice textured gloss finish n hard wearing too.................. and free. lol.:-

Onto the back brake bits next as sprayed up caliper at same time as rest of bits, oh and the horn too as was rusty as hell. Not gonna be seen, but not having rust on the bike. lol.:-

Give everything a good clean up n slap in new pad pins and pads, etc like front.

Oh yeah n bolt front end back on too of course. Doh! lol

Nother wee bitty today.

Back caliper hanging on bungee as nowhere to put it yet. Getting well excited about my new swingarm tho. Few feet of alloy to polish n fondle. Muwuhahahahaha............

Put the piccy up tho to show I did actually airbrush the back of the caliper too cos will be visable through wheel from other side.

Back mastercylinder and reservoir cleaned up bolted back on:-

Needs a new brake light switch, but I`ll get one somepoint when ordering other odds n sods.

Mounted the freshly painted horn under the tank as a handy spot out of sight and a nice convenient mounting there from original suzuki breather air valve thingy that I dumped when changed engine. lol.

Front forks back on. Dropped em through the top yoke as far as could till hit the bars. Only bout an inch or so. Would have liked more, but back end will be slammed down so extra rake n stability in straight line aint a bad thing. Starting to look like more of a bike now:-

Was happy with the look. till me gorgeous missus came out for a look n thought my gaffer tape on the fork tops looked shite............. so under order to re-do it better. lol.

Theres an exhaust place up town (45 miles away!) that stocks length of pipe. Nowt`s easy up here for parts! Couple of quid should net me some wee bits of tube to airbrush up and slide over fork legs to neaten em up. I`ll get some next time up there for shopping. Unbolt top yoke n slide em on so no biggy and will look better ultimately. Like the black look tho of the fork tops n hides the crappy pitted sections.

Looks like Im onto wheels next as next to no wee bits left to clean up. Wheels are gonna take some graft to get looking nice tho. Rough as fook, but no worse than rest was n think its coming along nice. Well I like it anyway. lol.

Fork tubes were annoying me tho so went back out to shed n came accross couple of dried up part tubes of silicone sealant. Been sat in wee shed since moved in couple years back n god know how many years before that. lol.

Mixed with the old bandit headlight bracket rubbers:-

Chop rubbers in half, cut off ends of silicone tubes, clean out dried up silicone/plunger, etc, simmer for 1/2 hour and serve:-

Need about 4mm trimmed off n sanded/painted/airbrushed up.

Sturdy enuf for covers tho and only bout 2mm bigger than fork legs internally so nice snug fit and most importantly........................FREE!   lol.

Linz has started to call me Orinocho. Could be worse I suppose. Could be Uncle Bulgaria! lol.

No sign of my intercooler yet cos of post strikes. Hey ho. ?265 spent all in so far tho when it turns up.

Not had engine running myself, but turns freely on starter. Valve clearances n cams, etc good. Sump off n looks good. Loadsa new gaskets everywhere even on carbs. Found out the engine had been rebuilt not that long ago with new gaskets n seals which is a bonus as guys done a good job by looks of it. Engine came out of running streetfighter bout 2 weeks before I got it off a mate so know its sound. 8-)  He upgraded to a 12 motor.

Primed n sprayed tubes 2k black today along with some other bits was doing. Couple of reactions as realised they are nylon so feathered up a bit. Bit of sanding back n few coats of primer tho n fine. Put on some black n seems fine even when flexed slightly. Got a good grip on em for sure.

I`ll airbrush em up tomorrow hopefully n get em on in next coupla days n slap pics up. Should look cool tho I reckon. Dont look like manky old plastic tubes any more. Bitta airbrushing n should be nice.

Yantosh got me a oil cooler in post in exchange for bitty airbrushing so thats one of big missing bits sorted. Cheers bud!

Got a call from a mate up town too who`s got a wider gixer 750 rim going dirt cheap if want it. Up town next week in car so might grab that if decent width. Gotta be wider than bandits 4 n half inch tho. Must be 5 or 5 n half inch depending on model. Planning on running wider rim but keeping brand new 160 section tyre I have on bandit rim, so it gives me a wider contact area on the road for standing starts. Leaning aint gonna be high up list with this bike anyway. Old school drag racing trick of fitting slightly undersized tyres. lol. Keeps legal shaped motorcycle tyre on there for mot`s, but gives me bitty more grip.

Got my fork covers done n on today. Turned out quite well for a freebie. :P:-

As yer can see dropped forks through yokes nother couple of inches too. Want really slammed final look. Left enough fork leg below bottom yoke for fork action and thats about it. Should be fine on clearance as oil cooler not going in usual position anyway, but can slide about fork legs once have rolling chassis to work with.

As a result bars wont fit back into top yoke cast-in risers. Sat with grinder today and an offcut of scrap alloy in pic below cutting some adaptors out to remount the bars to the risers on top yoke.

Got em roughly hacked out with grinder n holes drilled, etc. I`ll get em tidied up with wet n dry,and bolt bars back on tomorrow, etc. I`ll get few pics up of course. lol. ;D

Dont expect amazing Yantosh levels of engineering as only got crappy drill/grinder combo. Should look ok tho.

Sanded n polished up my adaptors last night. Not perfect, but best I can do with basic tools n scrap alloy. lol.

Went to bolt em on n couldnt find any decent looking bolts/washers for em. Cant even nip down local garage (8 miles away) to grab some stainless bolts/washers as its sunday and of course round here that means gods day off. lol. Washings hanging out n grinders chopping away in garage as normal tho. Muwahahaha.......

Loosely bolted in place with shitty fixings to get an idea how looks n sits, etc:-

Because of clamp angle on yoke the bars havent actually been raised any and have only moved back an inch or so. Fine for my T-Rex short arms anyway. lol.

Tank clearance looks ok. Up town tomorrow so will grab few stainless bolts/washers n bolt it all up properly n such. Bit neater than just now. Its all straight n strong tho. Dont think it looks too bad fixings aside.

Semi circle gaps left Im gonna feed wiring harnesses from switchgear through so can do away with zip ties on bars:-

While looking for bolts came accross these riser blocks in a random box. Bolt holes even line up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. lol.

They would have saved me good days work making em, but not tall enuf on own so would have had to jack up inch n half at least with spacers to clear forks n dont really want bars any higher. Big cow horn renthals are tall enough as is.

I`ll get some bolts, etc n see how my setup looks n decide which to go for.

Box searching also came accross this old air guage off an old compressor:-

Might do for a boost gauge. Screwed it into mirror boss to keep it out of harms way for now, but will probably end up mounting it on bracket in same place anyway. Got oil temp gauge on my Harris mounted same place and like it there.

Grab some stainless bolts up town tomorrow anyway. Seeing that mate about the gixer wheel too while up there. See what other bits he`s got lurking about too.

Stuck the tank/seat on today to double check tank clearance n look of it all. Dunno, not happy with it. Looks a bit messy. Bars look waaay lower than thought too. :-/

Could have just bolted on these riser blocks I found other day on spacers to sort it out. Long bolts, few 1" spacers, etc n these would do the job.

Promised them to a mate tho. Doh! n double doh! ::)

Dunno giving it all thought as to straps, etc on front or raising bars up, etc, etc. Trial n error, but all good fun. Forks through top yoke looks alright with tank on as not sticking up in face. If bars where raised too then would look better n mask fork ends too.

Decisions, decisions..........

Had another play about tonight. Stripped bars clean n tried a few things. Mounted em backwards and upside down. Think this is what gonna go for tbh. Clamped on loosly at mo as not got bolts long enuf yet. Few long bolts n spacer tube onto original yoke mounts n should look good n be solid. Im liking the look. Not any lower than clip-ons. Moves bars forward inch or so. Nice low look and makes fork legs look a lot better through yoke, etc.

Climbed up on table n sat on seat with my head between roofing beams. lol. Bars feel good height/reach n have same pullback, etc as normal cos just mirror image but upside down. Seem nice n comfy n not too much of a stretch. Wide, good comfy angle n just generally neat/low looking to the eye. Im liking it anyway.

Bit cafe racer-ish. Remind me of the feel of my old Z`s ace bars. Makes me feel old remembering them. lol.

Riser blocks are mine Yan. Said I could use em for it if needed no probs. Wasnt in desperate need for em which is cool

Not done a shitload in last week or so cos of buggered up arm n work being radio rental!

Caught up again tho n arm better so game on!

Handlebars all done up nice n tight n everything back on again:-

Mates got some dragbars I can have if dont like final look/feel.

Spent few evenings sanding back wheel rims. Pitting was worse than engine casings. Good couple mm in some places. Took sodding ages to sand out by hand. Got 99% of it tho n polished up pretty good:-

Did a bit of top secret airbrushing for Yantosh n got a gixer cooler he had in exchange. Cheers bud! Good clean n 2k black n looks like new:-

Got my intercooler through post at last off egay. Not original one as little chav never sent it. Got my money back n got this one of a rs turbo tho for ?5.99 delivered.

Cost ?5.85 to send according to label. lol.

Nice size, inlet/outlet perfect bore match to turbo n good positioning of tubes too for bike. I`ll spray it black tomorrow afternoon along with front wheel centre ready for airbrushing up.

Hoping to get the wheel airbrushed/cleared n back in this weekend.

Discs cleaned up like new so decided not to paint em. Only bout 100-odd miles on them from new so mint underneath dirt/rust. Gotta give em a proper clean up, but quick degrease removed most of it:-

I`ll get wheel airbrushed up n in this weekend n post pics, etc.

Got wheel cleaned up n assembled today in living room while watching sunday telly with kids. lol. ;D

Wheel artwork, with flame licks coming off spokes onto rim to give impression of movement to wheel:-

Discs cleaned up with brillo pad to remove rust n general smeg ::), n buttons painted blue:-

All bolted up:-

Think it looks pretty cool.  Not 100% perfect cos wheel was a right state, but aint far off. ;)

Was gonna bolt it back onto bike but a mate`s posting me up some bearings he has for it  ;D so might as well replace em before sticking it back in.

Had to go up town today as Linz out of printer ink n orders to sort, etc. We decided to take car up n get bits of shopping, etc to make the 90-odd mile round trip worthwhile n stuff.

While had car up town with us (its a hearse so loadsa space, lol) popped in to see my mate Willie about that gixer 750 wheel.

Dragged it out only to find it was the same size rim as bandit one (4.5"). Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Bollocks I thought. Spied a wider rim in corner, but he said it was for a project, but in end let me have it for bandit in echange for drawing him a caricature of his gixer as featured in 100% n SF mags recently.

Result n keeps me budget down. lol. No cost to me other than good few hours drawing here n there in evenings to do piccy for him.

Was in a rush so scooped it up n flung it in the hearse. Had a proper look when got home n thought that does look feckin wide that. Its only a 6" gixer/busa rim! Wider than I could have even hoped for. Woohoo.  ;D ;D ;D

Came with good as new renthal 44 tooth sprocket:-

Ideally suited to engine setup Im going for compared to bandit 47 tooth one. Not interchangable stud pattern anyway so gonna have to run 44 tooth one which as I say much better match for engine. Gonna knock speedo calibration out tho, but can always get a speedo healer black box to recalibrate things down the line.

Also got spindle n all spacers:-

Think Im short of one outer spacer between wheel n swingarm, but sure can sort that out. Everything else there tho, just need to sort bearings for it. One in cushdrive there n mint, but other 2 missing. Not the end of the day tho. Chuffed as fook to get such a monster wheel for the project. Cheers Willie! 8-)

Me days haul!:-

Nipped out today in between things to chill out for 1/2 hour. Turned bike around on table other night which was a fair lift, but I managed.

Rear end felt pretty damn light so stuck a big trolley jack on back of frame to hold it down for now till get some back end bits in.

Got front wheel bolted in. Pitch black skies up ere n storms so took a mixture of daylight and flash switched on pics cos both looked wrong, so have to use yer imagination. lol.

Check out deck height of lower frame rails. Gonna be nice n low!

Liking look so far myself. Gonna be bloody wide once scoops on sides are on covering turbo/intercooler.

Linz up town today so grabbing some more paint stripper, so I`ll crack on n start cleaning up the busa back wheel. Bearings on way for it too.

Sold my bandit rear wheel tonight to a mate. Got a brand new disc/posh metezler sticky tyre/sprocket on it so handy spares for him for his bandit. Stack of random odds n sods Im not using too. Worked out well for both of us as he got shitload of spares for his cheap n Ive got bitta cash n shed space. He got my old swingarm too n loadsa bits I aint needing.

Whips my total outlay back down to ?160 so far tho.   8-)  Can have a looksee about for a cheap 190-200 tyre for that busa wheel now.   ;D

Gonna sand back busa wheel rims this weekend n get it polished up n ready for paint.  

Finally got back wheel polished up. Thought it would be easy compared to weathered front wheel, but paint stripper revealed bout 20 coats of high build primer to hide the state of the severely pitted alloy underneath. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggh!  :-/ >:( >:( >:(

Took me about 10 hours of sanding last few days or so in evenings to get rid of 99% of it same as front wheel.

Got it polished up tho n looks fab. Big bugger n looks nice polished. Was worth the hassle.   8-)

I`ll get it sprayed black n fling some airbrushing on next few days to match front hoop.

And if you guys are still awake thats exactly where Im up to so far.

?160 spent, no fingerprints from sanding n I`ll post updates as work progresses.:nodyes:

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2009, 08:18:50 PM »
Kin hell Jon, top banana!

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2009, 08:21:20 PM »
very impressive. if i had a tenth of the skill and patience involved i would be a happy, happy man.

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2009, 09:10:16 PM »
stunning work :nodyes:
quick! scarper! the rozzer\'s are coming.:cool2:

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2009, 09:42:07 PM »
good stuff jon...

nice read too!
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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2009, 09:50:23 PM »
Interesting reading...very arty aren't you!:big grin:

Some lovely work there mate....very nice indeed.:cool2:
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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #6 on: December 08, 2009, 09:56:40 PM »
read half and going to bed but will finish tomorrow for sure, fantastic wright up, going to have to look at the cdi info as i am doing that but in reverse :wave:
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« Reply #7 on: December 08, 2009, 10:03:38 PM »
top job there mate from the dog that ya bought
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« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2009, 10:11:56 PM »
Hell of a write up :clap:, I wish I could do stuff like this but as Dirty Harry said "A man's got to know his limitations" :smile:
too stupid for words.... no really

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #9 on: December 08, 2009, 10:51:12 PM »
Nae bad Jon. Excellent right up (well the bits i read before I gave up :nocomment:) and some tidy paint work goin on there :thumbs:
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« Reply #10 on: December 08, 2009, 10:53:25 PM »
Cheers guys n gals. This projects my cheapest yet cos Im skint, but meaning Im getting resourcefull n trying new things. The interest its getting is nuts. Folk from the states emailing me n all sorts.:lol:

Got to do an editorial series of features on paintwork for PK&G airbrushing magazine off back of it too. Seems to be catching peoples interest and imagination this un. Should be a cool bike once done. Ninjas up for sale as bandit is gonna be its replacement.:nodyes:

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« Reply #11 on: December 08, 2009, 10:56:57 PM »
Quote from: StigVR;249564
Interesting reading...very arty aren't you!:big grin:

Do custom bike airbrushing n paintwork for a living so certainly helps.:big grin:  Cant wait to get onto the bodywork so can really let loose with the airbrush. Gonna pack in twice as much detail on bodywork n really go to town on it.
« Last Edit: December 08, 2009, 11:04:57 PM by Jon »

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« Reply #12 on: December 08, 2009, 11:02:05 PM »
Quote from: streetfightercarl;249566
read half and going to bed but will finish tomorrow for sure, fantastic wright up, going to have to look at the cdi info as i am doing that but in reverse :wave:

Got a diagram done up with full pin listings n wire colours bud as had to sit n work it all out. If going other way about forget about the TPS, etc is best bet. Will still run fine. Got diagram on file if need it tho. Took me a bit of headscratching to figure out. lol.

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Project Budget Dragqueen
« Reply #13 on: December 08, 2009, 11:10:27 PM »
diagram would be great mate, i am going from 750 loom/cdi to 12 bandit cdi so a bit of jigity  pokety and a diagram should sort it :Dizzy: could you post it up or pm it to me cheers carl :wave:
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« Reply #14 on: December 08, 2009, 11:22:48 PM »
Here ya go bud.

Ya might have to swap over cdi pack n engine pickups but bit of leccy fiddling might sort it. Newer models have TPS, etc on them but can leave disconnected n will still run fine. :nodyes: