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FAO all sellers
« on: January 26, 2010, 12:32:43 AM »
FAO all sellers

Please note that the rules for selling on DTP have changed.

As of 26/01/10 all registered (grey) users wishing to sell a bike(or car for that matter) will be asked to donate 2.50 GBP towards DTP server costs before they will be allowed to place their bike ad.This will be for one months advertising.PLEASE NOTE-THE MONEY MUST BE PAYED TO THE SITE BEFORE THE AD IS PLACED
*Please contact a mod to sort this out.Payment can be made via paypal to

Any registered user advertising their bike before contacting a moderator will have their ad removed.

All registered users(grey or orange) will be allowed to sell their spares for free. But..if a registered user becomes a regular seller of spares then they will be asked to make a SMALL donation to the site.

*****Orange members can continue to sell without charge.*****

Please note however, if anyone is going to sell on the site as a business they will have to contact the admin team to make the appropriate arrangements.

Thanks for your understanding,
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