Author Topic: do you flash for speed traps ?  (Read 864 times)

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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #30 on: July 05, 2011, 10:25:02 PM »
Quote from: rybes;327458
if the worst does happen, we could always use it as a DTP pool bike :wink: :lol:

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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #31 on: July 05, 2011, 10:26:24 PM »
We would have to build the DTP pool first:big grin:

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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #32 on: July 05, 2011, 10:31:38 PM »
Quote from: cm54;327476
We would have to build the DTP pool first:big grin:

I got a GPZ305 I can donate to the Cause!! :lol:
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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #33 on: July 06, 2011, 05:45:55 PM »
Quote from: cm54;327374
I have my speed awareness course next Thursday.:shakeno:
Trouble is the course is run in the same building I have my office, so I know all the instructors, and I'm sure they will pick on me.

I had a bike awareness course a few months back for going through a red light to let an emergency vehicle get through. What a load of shit.
Pretentious cunts praising themselves up about how good they are.
They still insisted I shouldn't have gone through the red light.
In their words, 'Emergency drivers are trained to deal with congestion, and would have gone around you, and you probably made it more difficult because you moved.'
So next time a copper is trying to get past me, I'm gonna stay exactly where I am, and lets see if he can drive through the railing in the middle of the road.
One funny thing I remember is that they mentioned an Acronym, I think it was the word SPACE
They said it stood for the dangers that faced Bikers on the road.
They asked "What do you think the 'S, stands for?"
Somone put his hand up, and said "Speed?"
Yes they said.
"What about 'P'?" they asked.
Someone else put their hand up, and said "Positioning?"
"Yes" they said.
What about 'A'?
Awareness was the answer.
"What about 'C'?"
I put my hand up, and said "Policeman?"
Everyone laughed except the instructors.:lol:
JUST CHILLIN !!!!! :lol:

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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #34 on: July 08, 2011, 09:54:04 PM »
Quote from: welshbandit;301895
Wont stop me and if i get pulled over i`ll just say i wanted to wash me windscreen and pulled the wrong stalk by mistake :wink:.

yeah but that one don't tend to wash (pun intended) when you're on a bike - personally i'd say it anyway and see if the cop even realised.

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do you flash for speed traps ?
« Reply #35 on: July 20, 2011, 12:44:31 PM »
If im on t'bike I usually just make the slow down hand signal. Couldnt give a flyin fuck if plod see's it ... freedom of speech and expression and all that
what they gonna do, YES officer I saw the approaching biker and his speed appeared faster than the rest of the traffic, i signalled him to check his speedo WHAT OF IT!

I'll be reet with them if they're reet with me, I got cought doing 37 in a 30 ( it was actually a dual cariageway so i thought it was 40 but apparently the 1st lane was a designated bus lane) werent one of these new age young nazi "I am The law you will respect my authority" age of coppers he asked if i knew why id been pulled over, I said yes I opened up a little but im sure i didnt go over 40, he said its 30 down here i explained why i thought it was 40 etc. at the time the bike wasnt registered in my name yet and my license was registered at another address, his mate wanted to seize the bike but the copper i was speaking with said id remained cool and co-operated and just asked me to take my docs in ... couldve been some sort of good cop bad cop act -- still got the fine though!
ive dealt with others that are just total twats from the get go.... then fail to understand why im getting Irate and have an attitude.

treat others how you yourself want to be treated. treat me like a cunt and ill treat you like a bigger one uniform or no uniform
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