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Just Different Head lights
« Reply #45 on: March 31, 2009, 11:22:24 AM »
sorry about the text but needs it to explain, these are a invention
of mine n consist of billet inserts for bates headlight shells, pictured
are all for 5.5" shells but do also make for 4.5" n 7" shells or can
also do in solid billet n almost any shape, lightbars, squares, triangles,
hollow circuls, six guns etc.

eres them sixguns

law says only 1 or 2 headlights permitted on bikes but no mention
of any limit to the amount of bulbs within each unit, but sold as off
 road only as dont want the plod on me case. each lamp can be had
 in a range of wattages 35-50-75-100 etc n lamps come in 25-35
or 50mm dia n are road legal.