Carb coolant system critical?

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Carb coolant system critical?

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Hey guys, just wanted to know are the coolant system pipes that connect to the carbs aren't critical for the engine ro run? Because recently I've replaced the complete valve head assembly as 1 the cam followers were completely buggered which caused awful clattering from the top end and two that I replaced the camshaft caps before realising that they shouldn't be changed. So I've got a head from a 2001 bike and it doesn't have the return line for the carb system so I've had to block them off, and after trying to start the bike and it then shows me symptoms of being 180 degrees out on the cams, so sort that and bike still won't start. I've been having issues with the ignition system not working because of a dodgy side stand connection so I'm fairly certain that's the main issue why it's not starting but I just wanted to make sure. I'm fairly certain they are just there to prevent carb icing but again I want to make sure they aren't critical for the bike to run. Thanks guys in advance!
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Re: Carb coolant system critical?

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Yeah the pipes are there to prevent carb icing. Not critical, most people (myself included) just remove them
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