H / L Model Clutch Differences

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H / L Model Clutch Differences

Post by Neosophist » Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:13 am

Whats the differences?

I've read that the H model didn't have the KBATL clutch?

I've looked over the H / L model manuals on the website and the clutch diagrams look the same?

Does anyone have pictures?

Its confused me as my clutch looks like the one in the H model manual on the site and theres no pictures in the L model :-)

The only difference I can find from looking at the microfiche is that the H1 has a differenct clutch hub part number.. the baskets etc are the same between all models.. oh and the clutch springs are diff on that model too

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Re: H / L Model Clutch Differences

Post by Mori Man » Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:20 am

From 1990 they had KBATL clutches so a H2 & J2 are same as L model.

Yip it's the hub that counts as it has the BTL assembly in it.

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Re: H / L Model Clutch Differences

Post by mark400 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:02 pm

That's correct - This confused me as the manual in english only shows the KBATL two piece hub and two piece pressure plate, irrespective of whether you look in the L or H manual.

The very early import ZXr's will have a one piece pressure plate and 4 bolts (each with a large and small washer) which hold in the pressure plate. The springs are shorter than a KBATL clutch too. The steel plates are much thinner and are peppered with small indentations - TBH the whole thing looks more fragile than a KBATL clutch - This old version can only be seen in the microfiche (http://www.zxrworld.co.uk/images/hmicro ... Clutch.gif) and NOT in the UK manuals .....
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