spongy clutch

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spongy clutch

Post by Gemini » Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:53 pm

Hi guys

already got one opinion on this but wanted to see if everyone elses view is same

ever since I parked blade up for winter, every week to 10days when I go start it uo the clutch is spongy and doesnt fully engage, almost feels like the lever onlynstarts to move clutch halfway thru pulling.

So I crack the bleed nipple and give have a pump of lever, bleed it and its firm lever again and perfect clutch.

following week the same.

Now in the summer and ever since ive had it its been fine and I also left it stood during warmer weather for fortnights at a time.

There are no leaks. But I wondered can the cold weather cause this? Another thought is the fluid could need changing but surely I would have had same issue in summer?



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