Issues with lights

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Issues with lights

Post by Jf1 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:46 pm

Hi guys, lights have been playing up. Whenever I start the bike the parking light comes always come on and the flash full beam also works, however the full headlights or the permanent full beam don't work. I was riding at night and after 10 minutes all lights just started working fine again but then cut out and went back to the parking light/flash full beam again.

Any ideas? Just had a quick look and from what I can see the connections seem to be okay, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Issues with lights

Post by banner001 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:02 am

From your symptoms it can only be one of 4 things,

1. Bad contacts to your headlight fuses/internal fusebox corrosion.

2. Bad contacts in your LHS switchgear

3. Bad contacts in your rhs switchgear

4. A partial wiring break.

Your full headlight flash button uses different wiring to the dipped or permanent headlight beams, and doesn't go through the fusebox. Your city light uses some common power rail wires with the dipped and full beams so you can rule those out. I have a good post showing the wiring diagram in full colour, you can use that to track your possible wiring errors, though your L5 fusebox has different contacts, so you might need to refer to the one in the back of the L model supplement manual you can find on the main site.
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