ZXR400 H1 wiring loom

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ZXR400 H1 wiring loom

Post by deatay1 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:12 pm

I have a ZXR400 that I have got as a project, I was just wondering if the wiring loom is the same as the H2, as I am looking to replace it as it is not in the best of condition. Any help regarding this would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Re: ZXR400 H1 wiring loom

Post by Ewetea » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:52 pm

Hi. You probably won't think this very helpful, but either an H1 or H2 loom is going to be over 25 years old. Thus the wires will be oxidised and the connectors corroded to an extent that will seriously affect the performance of each electrical item on the bike. If it's a project, then strip down the existing loom to measure each wire and then order some new cable and multi-connectors from Vehicle Wiring Products. They have all the different colours and the modern wire is smaller diameter but better performance due to modern materials. You will either have to invest in a crimping tool to make the multi-function wires, like power and earth, or be handy with a soldering iron. If you prefer to keep the original connectors, it is possible to release them using a special tool from VWP, and then clean them. Ideally the wiring on the ignition switch, left and right hand control units, rear light cluster etc will also need replacing as they will have similar problems to the main loom. If you intend to spend some time (and money) on restoring the rest of the bike then the effort required to rewire the loom will be necessary. If the bike has a pink wire going to the KPH speedo then it is speed restricted. When re-wiring you can replace the speedo with an MPH one. change the CDI to an L or M and release that extra power. Then again you may want to restore it as original. By doing all this you will learn how the electrical system works too. Bannerman may be able to help with a new loom, but I don't know if he covers just L models or H as well. Contact him and ask - it could save you a lot of time! Oh - an L loom will not fit directly on an H. Components like the starter relay will have to be changed. Check the wiring diagrams for the differences.

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Re: ZXR400 H1 wiring loom

Post by banner001 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:14 am

Kev1070 is the person on here to contact, top bloke, quality looms, and much better than kawasaki's original attempt at it (thicker wiring where needed, less joins, joints in better places to stop early corrosion), he made my L loom for me and its spot on!

I can make a loom, but for what he charges its not worth it for me, plus he has a loom jig all made up now ready to go and that does make it a damn sight easier.

you will need to send your loom to him as the old H loom in colour that used to be on the site is no more, and the scanned one from the manual is terrible. if he has your loom, and can sketch it out for me, i can make a colour version like i did for the L1-4 and L5-8 looms on the site.
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