Stick coils

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Stick coils

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SO i note a few people have used stick coils on their ZXRs. There seem to be a mix of choices, namely CBR600RR sticks with CBR sub loom.

Can anyone explain the process of wiring them in. My coils have had it and i wanted to go down this route but electrical stuff is not really my strong area. I am happy to give it a go, but could do with some steerers. Anyone who has done it got a basic wiring diagram?

I assume you plug the CBR loom (or other donor) into the wiring that feeds the existing/old ZXR coils? That would be 2 sets of 2 wires with the spade connectors on the ends? Did you make a plug type connector to connect into the CBR loom?

Pics please
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Re: Stick coils

Post by Miles »

Have a search about the forum. There’s a how to guide, with pictures and wiring diagrams, for this mod somewhere
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