Introducing myself with my ZXR story :)

One for you newbies to introduce yourselves and show us your ZXR!

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Introducing myself with my ZXR story :)

Post by threee6 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:46 am

So my story is this :) 13 years ago (I worked it out) my Sisters ex had a ZXR 400 H1 and I wanted it, BADLY, he refused to sell it to me as my sister would have killed him lol I've wanted one ever since and in that time I've watched there value go up to a point where I'd pretty much resigned myself to the fact I'd never own one :( anyway a couple of months ago my mate got his hands on one (he swapped it for an MG ZS lol) and it needed a LOT of work, full restoration pretty much, but she ran :). he took it apart and after about 4 months he realized he had neither the told, the skill or the money for the job and he knew how badly I wanted it so I got a phone call that went like this -

Him - "I've just been thinking and I don't think this Ninja is ever getting done and I did promise you I would offer it to you first so do you want it?"
Me - "Depends on how much you want for it and if I can afford it bud"
Him - "£100?"
Me - "I'll go to the bank" lol

The bike hasn't seen a road in so long that it had the old style reg papers lol it does need a full restoration but I'm capable of doing that and it did run spot on before he took it apart and I know that's true as I helped him get it running :) the best part is it's not been used in so long it's only done 22k :O :D

Anyway. Hello to everyone and expect me to be asking questions lol

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Re: Introducing myself with my ZXR story :)

Post by banner001 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:05 pm

no worries, there are plenty of already answered questions, best think is familiarise yourself with the bike, download the manuals, go through this small but expanding list (viewtopic.php?f=69&t=17955), go through the help sections and see if your still way to learn is hands on.
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Re: Introducing myself with my ZXR story :)

Post by bumble72 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:47 pm

Helloooooo Everyone

I bought a zxr400l3 in kwak green, just what I wanted although I would also have considered an nc30 or 35.
But I got of this fellow in Halifax. It ran but died on idle and was told it would drop back on hard acceleration in top gear.

Since then I,ve been busy buying chain guard,vrwar mudguard with a stupid massive hole in the rear and rear foot pegs. Still haven't worked out a solution to restore the missing key barrel lock-pulley system for the rear seat. Hmmm.

But after a service of the carbs and refitting a new spring to the lh fork and balancing them, the bike runs well now barr a terrible flat spot at 3000rpm which takes an eternity to reach better torque at 4k rpm.

So I,ve got my flying bogey which my knees tell me was designed for someone no more than 5'1".
But you know what, it short wheel at 1.6m is 40cm shorter than my beautiful other half, an 02 R1.
But I had to get the zxr400 as my urban toy. I,m sure it's gonna a blast round islands and it's better than I,d hoped on the motorway.

So three for the zxr400.


Happy rides.

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Re: Introducing myself with my ZXR story :)

Post by Unkepttoenails » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:20 pm

If your new like I am here is a nice handy link to the work shop manuals it helped me out greatly time and time again maybe you will benefit also

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