Rossendale Kawasaki 5* service

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Rossendale Kawasaki 5* service

Post by spacecadet84 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:52 pm

Took my zxr400 to rossendale Kawasaki today. It's running a bit rich and as I bought it of eBay wanted a professional to have a look at it and get a qualified 2nd opinion. I told Tim this and left them with it. (Tim the head mechanic used to race zxr400s and knows his way round the bikes. He is always friendly and takes his time to explain everything)
I took it up in the morning a dropped it off, I went back at 1300hrs and was greeted by tim. He had road tested my bike took the tank off and air box and given the carbs a once over as well as the rest of the bike.
He then wrote a full report detailing jobs that need doing and an estimate to fix them. Tim had diagnosed that the bike was running a bit rich and a service and carb tweak was the best option. He didn't carry out any work without my say so.
I expected to be paying for a few hours labour seen as tho my bike had a good once over and it was all documented.
Tim however insisted I didn't pay anything, I ended up giving him the motorcycle news I read in the cafe while he looked at the bike and that was it!
I live in south Manchester and the shop is in Rossendale it's a good 35miles but I will definitely be taking my bike back to get sorted and most of the jobs ticked off! They also mentioned that they do a collection and delivery service of customers bikes that is done at reasonable prices or even for nothing depending on distances and work carried out!
I recommend a visit to any one even if it's just to have a chat with some like minded and knowledgable folk. (there's also some good roads round those parts too)

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