There seems to be more and more members appearing that are racing the ZXR400 so i've created a special section just for you to show off results, discuss meets etc etc.

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Post by Aggstar » Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi All,
I am building zxr400l track bike and I have couple of questions if any of you could help me?
Need to know if I need full wiring loom to run track bike ? Also do I need to have oil cooler ?
Bear in mind this is only a track bike won't be going on the road

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Re: Zxr400project

Post by mark400 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:27 pm

You can bypass the oil cooler in several ways if you don't want to use it.

Simplest way is to loop one of the oil pipes back to the sump, but you can buy a machined part which does the same.


You can also blank off both sump holes, however, this means the oil now has to travel along a semi circular canal in the block which is half the diameter of the oil pipes, which isn't as good a solution as the above.

I raced for about 10 years on ZXR's and both times I lost an engine I had removed the oil cooler.

I dropped valves a few times too, but I also found my race engines created a lot of heat, and my cut down radiator wasn't enough on a hot hot day, so I always used an oil cooler after the blow ups.

I have also seen a radial oil cooler fitted, which is lighter and saves a bit of space, allowing the rad to be mounted lower if a ram air pipe needs to go to the front of the fairing.

As far as your loom goes, you only need to supply power to the spark plugs and fuel pump for 20 mins per session / race, so you can run total loss and charge the battery every session - loads of racers do this. You could also do half way, where the starter is retained but the generator and charging system are removed.
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