How to add an Avatar to your profile

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How to add an Avatar to your profile

Post by masterofinsanity » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:30 pm

What is an Avatar? its a little pic that you can add to your profile that shows up in all your posts.

To add a pic goto your profile (click the link at the top of the forum menu to the right of the logo)

scroll down to avatar control panel
you have the option to upload a pic from your pc, upload from a URL or link to a URL.

the difference being with the latter 2 is if you link to an avatar from someone elses webspace if that site goes down, your avatar wont show, whereas if you upload from a URL it copies it to this site.

bear in mind all pics are limited to 100x100 pixels and 6Kb in size so you may need to resize before you upload.

when you have selected your avatar then click the submit button to update you profile.

all done, now check your posts to see it working.
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