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'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:44 pm
by Vard66
Hola, folks.

How have we all been?

It's been a while since I've been on the forum for more than about ten seconds to have a quick skim, mostly due to various things that otherwise interrupt on my time - most of which I'm gonna tell you about in a minute.

Much that I've missed? I can't spot much, a little bit of progress on some shiny bits threads, and what looks like a good barney the other day, but otherwise this place looks calm and collected as ever, which is cool.


Do you ever sit back and think to yourself that you're just having 'One Of Those Weeks'?

I did that yesterday, after discovering that I had run out of both cashmoney and electronic debt, at a cash machine in Marlborough when I went out. The immediate practical upshot of this is that I can't top my phone up, in order to reply to texts from my lovely new lady-friend

Ten minutes later, I got gatzo'd by a camera that DAMN sure wasn't there as much as two weeks ago, doing, oh, I guess about forty MPH in a thirty limit, on a big open road that just as soon as the roadworks are finished, will revert to being NSL.

I got home, and furrowed my brow as I thought some more about my luck of late, and it occurred to me that really, when I think about it, I've been having 'One Of Those' months, never mind weeks - what with crashing the GTi, and still having no luck with employment. Actually, still, thinking about it more, I've been having 'Two Of Those' months, as I crashed the GTi last month technically, and three days after that got fired from my temporary job that I managed to pick up merely a week or so before.
Then again, looking at it technically, that makes it both the months that we've had so far this year. So far, I've been having 'One Of Those' years, then.

But wait, hang on. My luck hasn't really been great since June, when the Vitesse decided to throw a rod and hole the block in Belgium.

And, thinking about it, before that, in May, just before I went to an owner's club meeting for 800 owners, the remote fob packed up.

And before that in Feb there was the rebuilt head going onto the car, as a single fucking exhaust manifold stud snapped inside the head...

Realistically, if there was a scale for luck, my plot line would be right down the bottom in the 'fecked' sector, occasionally dipping a bit to 'truly fecked', or spiking a tiny bit to 'hey, here's a tiny reprieve on your otherwise foul and harrowing existence'.

Another wonderful anecdote, regarding the crash in the GTi.

Before being so efficiently intercepted by an MR2, I was on the way down to Plymouth, to spend a couple of days in a feverishly drunken state, to celebrate my mate's 21st. With me in the car was my best mate.

Long story short, we didn't get there, because of the crash.

Neither of us seemed to have any major aches or pains after the crash, both of us were a bit stiff, both a little tender from some bruising - my knee broke the dashboard, so there was a killer bruise on that for a few days.

Nearly a week beyond the crash, my mate had been developing acute pains in his chest, so went to see his GP, and was told he had a cracked sternum (chest bone).

A day or so later, I had a phone call from him, informing me that he had been talking to a couple of his 'mates' at Uni, who had talked him into contacting a personal injury lawyer, and setting up a case against my insurance from the accident. Talking to him later on MSN, when asked how he felt, and why he was doing this, his reply was 'No, I feel fine. Might as well see if I can't make some money out of this, though right?'

Talking to a few people, it's estimated I would probably have to add circa £5,000 onto the reported cost of my insurance claim for a successful case and compensation for a broken sternum. Now, I don't know how much that will affect my insurance, or if at all, but really what galls me is the principle.

He was told not to ride his new VFR by the quack, yet a day or so later he picked it up from my garage, where it had been stored since he arrived at mine before we left for Plym. He's not losing work, he's not in great pain, and he's admitted to me that he feels fine, yet he's pushing for a case against my insurance simply to 'see if he can't make some money' from it.

I thought he was a bit better than that, morally, so I'm highly disappointed in him.


Money might be tight, but there is a tiny little income I've been relying on - breaking both the GTi, and (*sob*), my Vitesse for parts.

So far, the GTi's entire interior is gone, the engine and gearbox are gone, the exhaust is sold, the wheels might be sold...

As it stands right now, the GTi doesn't in fact owe me a penny, and has in fact made me about £4 profit, from my having bought it in the first place, despite me hammering it into an MR2.

Very little of the Vitesse is gone, though the wheels fetched £80, and the front seats stand to fetch more or less the same. Koni shocks will go for £200, and the higher spec anti-roll bars for about £30 each I suppose.

One of my mates came round to collect the gearbox the other day, and when he was here, mentioned that he employed a handful of people under him for tele-sales roles for a Hotel he works for. Ok, it's not entirely what I'd like to be doing, but it's a work from home job, with reasonable commission, and I figured why not give it a shot, so I'm starting that tonight.

So on the plus side, I stand to get at very least a couple of week's pay in from this, but on the downside, I might feel dirty and immoral making tele-sales calls. We shall see.

Really, that was quite reserved for me, I suppose, no swearing or particular vehemence.

Nevermind, I'll get back into it.


Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:22 am
by Jamz
Some periods are just a pisser. It makes you appreciate things a lot more when it's going well, though!

I think as far as insurance goes, a claim is a claim so it won't make too much difference, and if he did get injured then it's probably right he should claim. What if it gets worse in the future or gives him crippling arthrirtis or something?

It seems harsh because it's against you - but it's not really. It's against the insurance, which is exactly what it's there for.

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:07 pm
by Vard66
I've just done a few quotes online for car insurance for renewal.

Cheapest so far is a jump of over £1000 to £1,798.

Peculiarly, I also did a couple of bike insurance quotes too, and they all seem to want £300+. Peculiar because at the moment I'm paying £185, and all that changes come bike insurance renewal, is that I add another year's license held and NCB to the quote.

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:32 pm
by lewisdale
:smt015 :smt015 :smt015 :smt015 :smt015 :smt015 :smt015 :smt015

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:46 pm
by Vard66
Plus one dirty big screw in my fairly recent BT-92R, plus one freshly hoovered car now full of bits of shredded tree, plus one heavily malleted, gouged and blistered left index finger.

That was informative, Lewis. If you're not interested, back out of the thread, tbh.

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:12 am
Sounds like your having a rough time at the min!! Hope all picks for you soon Vard

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:47 pm
by BrianZXR
aint nothing like timing ! ,sounds like your avin a shitty time of it , but hey the worlds still turning and tomorrows another day , and just think on , your "friend" may well get a pay out on your behalf but what will he do with the money ? go on the piss ,probably score with a lady-boy ,catch sumat his mrs finds out about through an itch in her knickers , one thing ive learnt in life is "there aint nothing like timing" .Hope tomorrows a sunny day for you pal !

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:42 pm
by Vard66

Re: 'One Of Those'... er... indefinitely quantifiable periods.

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:01 pm
by masterofinsanity
chin up mate, we all have sh*t times but there is always someone havin a sh*tter time than you.When the going gets good again you'll look back and think it wasn't soo bad.Think i'd be a bit miffed if my mate started claiming on my insurance but aint everyone out for the money?? why not put a disclaimer notice in your car like "you enter my car (reg no)as a passenger at your own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the driver for any accident occurring" then take a photo and post it to your insurance co ? :smt004