Parking on the Street

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Parking on the Street

Post by GibboN » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:24 am

Not sure how much this will apply to the majority of you what with living in UK where space and driveways are abundant.
Without paying silly money it's pretty much a given that I need to park on the mean city streets.

This morning I went to get the bike to work only to find the neighboring bike had fallen over and was leant hard up against my pride and joy :(
Scratched fairings and my side stand had sunk a quarter inch into the shitty tarmac under the weight.

I picked up the fallen bike to find it had a side stand and a centre stand, neither of which were being used :smt009
I'm sure the owner of said bike must have used his stand but perhaps didn't put it down properly when he got off.

He came out as I was looking my bike over and I explained it all to him but sadly as he put it 'what can you do about it?' :smt013

I also occasionally find some clever dick has put a glass bottle behind the rear wheel which is needlessly reckless :wanker

Not expecting a solution but as the forums says, want to rant.
Any similar experiences?

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Re: Parking on the Street

Post by ross46 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:51 am

Someone dropped his bike on me at school last year, had bought a supermoto 50cc but he wasn't big enough for it im 5'6" and he's shorter than me, he pisses me off every day because he doesn't park his bike straight in the bike parking not we've got, I normally just lift the back end and move it so it's straight, anyway I was waiting for him to reverse out so I could go and as he did so he dropped it and the handlebar went through the tank infill, so im standing there holding the weight of me, my bike, his bike and him on my skinny little legs, I just pushed him the other way and couldn't do anything else other than say 'sorry mate' pisses me off a treat, and stealing tax discs! I ended up late to a hospital appointment because some test thought it was funny to steal my tax disc and when I pulled up to fill her up a copper pulled up next to me by chance and saw I didn't have one so had to sit there while he did all the checks and was late! Along with having to buy a new tax disc

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