Kawasaki zx400

A spin off from a previous post by RobB, I have created a forum so we can identify which model ZXR400 you have and to show different variations of colour schemes. Please feel free to post pictures to help others identify their ZXR400's but please keep them to factory std releases.

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Re: Kawasaki zx400

Post by Miles »

A Kawasaki dealer would be a start
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Re: Kawasaki zx400

Post by Irishnewb »

Very recently acquired a ZX400 which had been sprayed and decalled as a ZXR400.

The previous owner had it with a mechanic with carb issues, had carbs cleaned & balanced & fuel tank cleaned however it would only run on choke and die when give any throttle.

Turns out it wasn't cleaned at all. I stripped carbs and found a gummy mess. Cleaned by hand as good as possible but still no joy.

Took all apart again and put through ultrasonics I have at work and it did work a treat, started perfect and takes throttle very well, just have a fuel leak I think from a bowl seal or maybe float valves are bad. Have to take a better look.
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