engine identification

A spin off from a previous post by RobB, I have created a forum so we can identify which model ZXR400 you have and to show different variations of colour schemes. Please feel free to post pictures to help others identify their ZXR400's but please keep them to factory std releases.

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engine identification

Post by amannarwal » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:56 pm

i have a kawasaki engine in one of our labs with no information on the model year or bike.It has some electrical fault. We only have the engine no.We wish to use it in one of te cars that we are building.
I have searched thoroughly with no substancial matter at hand right now.
So it would be really helpful if you can tell me what model is it and what was the bike called.

The engine no is : zx400ke016392

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Re: engine identification

Post by tk400 » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:58 am

How are you, If you only have the engine, then what do you mean electrical fault? Are you using your own ignition system or a kawasaki one ? To me the fact you say its in a lab implies its for an FSAE car in a universtity . So I assume you have the know how to wire it up, maybe if you describe the fault we can assist in diagnosis. This way everyone benefits from the disscussion, As that is the point of this forum. Please describe the problem in detail. cheers

regards TK400

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