Bikemonkeys ZXR400L4 project

Here's a chance to show off your zxr400, so get them digital cameras out and show us some piccies.Rebuilding your bike or modding it then let everyone in on it.

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Re: Bikemonkeys ZXR400L4 project

Post by bikemonkey » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:57 am

Thanks biggrin

Cleaned up nicer than I expected if I'm honest.

MOT passed with two advisories, all discs scored and clutch cable being pulled when turning.

The first one I can do nothing about, and the second is strange as it's routed exactly how it should be. Plus the cable isn't actually operating the clutch, it's just taking up the slack on full left lock so whatever.

Need to find out where I'm going in June before I put it on the road really. Don't want to be paying out for insurance etc then having to cancel it!
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