Buying Bikes

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Buying Bikes

Post by CrazyChris » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:00 pm

Don't if you guys get it as much in the UK but I come accross it sometimes in South Africa.


You advertise a bike on the internet. Cool. Price is brilliant. Ad says the bike is stripped. So when a guy phones you he is obviously interested in the bike, stripped or not. So why in the hell can't you be straight with the guy when he asks you what is missing on the bike? Happened to me when I bought my ZX4-f3. Asked the guy if everything is there and he assures me that it is. Just have to put it toghether and everything is fine. Get home, start building it and low and behold, one engine mounting, a headgasket, a starter solenoid, a bearing that goes on the steering. God knows how much more is missing. Does it take so much out of a person just to be straight with a buyer? If he is scared that the sale will fall through wait until money has changed hands. But no!!!!!! Screw the rest of the world, I am going to look after myself and not give a damn about anyone else.

F@cking short sh*t skinna ass retard. If I find him in the streets he is going to have a 17 inch wheel up his butt!! :rant :smt013 :ffs

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