piston seizure 444 cc JE piston

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piston seizure 444 cc JE piston

Post by neston » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:28 pm

Has anyone seen such a weird seizure onImage this piston from number three cylinder , I recently had the barrel bored out to suit the JE 444cc pistons using 2.7 thou clearance , using Kent cams, lightened balanced crank etc
The other pistons are O.K. and the barrel is only scored on number three cylinder, number two cylinder has light score marks on the piston and bore in the same position as number two piston.
On nearly all of piston seizures I've seen they are mostly to the rear of the piston , these seizures are on the left and righthand side looking down on the piston, the gudgeon pin also was seized in the piston and had to be removed with a puller.
I've checked the bores for taper and ovality , conrods for straightness ,plus any signs of oil failure and all checkout O.K.except for number three conrod which had a scored smallend.( which may have been caused when I used a puller to remove the gudgeopn pin )

Any suggestions would be appreciated ,Cheers from Neale.
P.S I hope I've attached the photo correctly !!
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