ZXR400L No Spark While swinging(South Africa)

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ZXR400L No Spark While swinging(South Africa)

Post by lildemon47 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:54 pm

HI ladies and gents im having an issue with my Kawasaki Zxr400L

Lets start at the beginning..This is a Kawasaki Zxr400L model..im located in South Africa..i was running the M box Silver and Black sticker 10 Pin Cdi with a Zx4 also known as the Zxr400G ignition however some wring inside the ignition doesnt connect to the right wires as it should so it kept running hot or popping the lights fuse..i have removed the wires from the ignition and just ran 2 wires to the ignition without the resister and it ran perfect for months until it got stolen..i had the bike recovered a day later but the fuse box and cdi was stolen...i have fitted the Zx4 fuse box and cdi which is the 1245 cdi M box silver and black sticker(8pin) and i bought a 1331 cdi L box silver and blue sticker(10 pin)..

So i currently have 2 Cdi's
Zxr400L 21119-1331 L silver and blue sticker
Zxr400G/H 21119-1245 M silver and black sticker

The issue im having with both cdi's is no spark while swinging..if i remove the power wire to the cdi( red wire on the 1245 cdi) or the (brown wire on the 1331 cdi) it sparks...but if i swing the bike it doesnt spark..i have checked the rotor sensor it works fine..i do know between the 2 cdi's the wires need to be swapped around according to which box it uses

The coils seem fine i get positive power on each wire..

Can anyone help me out here is what i find on the wires

L model cdi(1331)
Brown wire is the main positive also supplies the main positive to the coil
Black/yellow is the ground wire(earth wire)
Black is the one coil wire
Green is the other coil wire
Green/Black to the fuse box serves as a starter lockout switch

Grey wire is a positive but has to be on a resister(i however never ran that and it lasted) but that was before the incident..
Pink wire to the clocks and deristriction box
yellow to the rotor sensor
black/white to the rotor sensor

so i have power on all the wires except the pink wire
Im a bit puzzled on the green/black wire which is the starter lockout wire..it seems to have a low voltage such as 3.5 volts i have run this wire to the ground and i have run it disconnected but still no luck with spark while swinging

Anyone on here that can help me i just want spark while sparking and ill be happy..i do know that running the Zx4 fuse box may not work but the fuel pump works and the coil wires all show power while swinging and my rotor sensor works with the multimeter while striking a screw driver past it and the only wire that runs to the fuse box is the green/black but i had it fully ground and discounted which means no voltage at 2 occation but no spark

i miss driving her

Mods are well tuned carbs
Head work
40 tooth rear flywheel etc

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