Ride Height and Stiffer Suspension

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Ride Height and Stiffer Suspension

Post by Chazzman_bm » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:54 pm

Hi Folks,

I want to change things up with my H2 and turn it into a more comfortable, short blast, fun bike. The plan is to strip off the full fairing for a bespoke partial one, bin the clip on bars for a top yoke handlebar conversion for some adjustable rearsets, raise the rear suspension and stiffen everything up to cope with a fat, tallish bloke. The rear shock is knackered so I need to replace It anyway and the front forks need to be rebuilt and resealed so I might as well do everything at the same time.

Anybody got any ideas what rear shock will raise and stiffen up the rear? Similarly, any advice for the forks? Should I get the originals rebuilt or look for alternatives?


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