What's wrong with my bike now

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Re: What's wrong with my bike now

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here you go, sounds less like a bag of nails and like a proper bike now! the bike was warm, but just needed a final tweak to the idle cable just before i finished. you will notice that on idle the needle is rock steady (a good sign your carbs are balanced properly) and there is no hanging revs, it just comes straight back down to 1400rpm as it should. ive set it there as it eliminates most of the clutch rattle, if you want to drop it to the recommended 1200 you just need to rotate the idle adjuster counterclockwise, but its doing no harm so i leave it set slightly higher as the bike sound better.

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What's wrong with my bike now

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That's awesome and doesn't sound like a bag of spanners and always returns to the same spot
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