67.92 h1

Who's zxr400 is kicking out the most BHP? show off your mods and your dyno printouts.

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67.92 h1

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so i put the h1 on the dyno this morning and first run the computer on the dyno locked up, second run the bike got what sounded like clutch slip at the top end of the rev range, and the third run it managed 67.92 at the wheel tried for another run but as the bike is total loss and the battery was dying there wasnt enough electric left in the small lifepo battery.


the spec is as follows
l9 motor
0.5mm skim
no base gasket
unshrouded valves
very light head work. casting marks and steps cleaned up, no material taken out from anywhere.
sp inlet 105
standard exhaust cam .
1208 rods
blue springs
micron headers mated to an r1 50mm link pipe
mark hill can.
32mm cvk's 102mains n77r needles
standard airbox,
inlet rubbers matched
standard inlet trumpets lightly opened up from the shrinkage that these seem to suffer from
advanced ignition (by slotting the pickup)

bit dissapointed with the torque figure should this be higher? or is it because its only a 400?
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Re: 67.92 h1

Post by Flatowtornowt »

by contrast to the above runs my son put his on the same dyno last week and although i havn't got a printout or photo of the dyno screen his made 69.82 at the wheel his spec is similar but slightly different

h1 motor
head skimmed at least the same as above if not more cant say for certain as we have not had it done
valves not unshrouded
standard h1 cams
head ported slightly more than above (but not what you would consider to be anything other than cleaned up)
micron system 63mm with baffle in the pipe
sp engineering can
ignition advanced by slotting the pickup
cvk's 102 mains
standard airbox.
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