Search no more..................

No doubt you've all been on the lookout for a workshop manual for the ZXR400 to no avail, Unfortunately the likes of Haynes & Clymer don't list a manual for our baby Kwaks so you will need to go to your local Kwak dealer for them.

there's 2 manuals,the base manual for H models and the supplement for L models. Once again another way to get money from you if you've got the L model you will need both manuals.

There is also a Kit manual for those wishing to convert to a racing spec bike.

You can download all manuals from this website in the downloads section.

all copyrights obviously goto Kawasaki but if you benefit from these manuals it wouldn't hurt to make a small donation to my hosting fees.

I will be compiling a CD with all zxr400 manuals and microfiches in the near future.


H Manual L Manual  Kit Manual