what to look for when buying a zxr400........................

Most of these will be common for most bikes but there are certain things the zxr are known for.

  • Tyres, make sure there plenty of tread, tyres scrubbed right to the edge shows it been well ridden!
  • Brakes, any notchy-ness at the lever when pulled in slowly shows the pistons are corroded, only a strip clean and possible replacement of pistons to cure. Brake disks for warpage, pulsing sensation at lever when braking at high speed will tell you this. Also check the discs on their carriers, usually the shims corrode and the disc can rattle on the carrier.
  • Chain and sprockets, should have plenty of meat on the teeth and no tight spots or stiff links. Check for chain wear by pulling at a few links from the back of the rear sprocket. Shouldn't be able to pull it off by more than a few millimeters.
  • Play in the swingarm, head stock bearings and wheel bearings
    overall condition, get the bike in the air if you can and have a good tug at both ends
  • Make sure panels meet up properly, scratches on bar ends etc.. indicative of a spill if not good.Also cracks in the footrest hangers and scratches on the alternator cover.
  • Check for any unusuall engine noises, ZXR's are a little noisy anyway, on the top end and clutch aswell, but usually just 'chuggy' noisy, any loud ticking, knocking or rattles and theres a problem. When riding the bike shouldnt pull to either side, best way i check a frame is to ride the bike down a straight and level road and sit up without ya hands on the bars, if it pulls either without your input then its possibly a twisted frame or bent forks.
  • When riding the bike will feel a bit weak low down pick up about 4k, really pull about 6k upto about 10k then go liek a bat out of hell till 14k!
  • Always go for a bike with a long MOT, its your guarantee thats its at least safe and legal. A FSH or some history at least is good, shows its been looked after
  • If the exhaust isn't road legal, then see if they have a road legal slip-on for MOT's etc.
  • Check the exhaust pipes (under the engine) as the original pipework is mild steel and hence prone to rotting.
  • Also the bikes rear end should have a full size number plate, reflector and number plate light in order to pass an MOT.
  • Ensure you have a HPI check, together with service history notes where possible.
  • At about 20,000 miles she'll need a new cam chain (worth checking as you may get a discount if it hasn't been done yet).
  • Also around 16-20,000 miles the head hasket usually goes so check for signs, very fine bubbles in the rad cap is usually the first sign.

Here we have a Factfile compiled with all the necessary heads up information if you are looking at buying a zxr400.