There are mainly 2 models of the zxr400, the H model and the L model with variations of both, more detail is discussed on the forum of the differences.

The main differences between the 2 models H & L being the styling, the overall styling was radically changed to bring it up to date with more modern bikes, the frame was changed slightly and more noticeable is the rear end was changed from the fatty rear to a more streamlined and slimmer look.

  • 1989 H1 model,1990 H2 model with minimal changes
  • 1991 L1 model introduced with new styling and a more powerful engine.colours:green/blue/white or metallic blue.
  • 1992 L2 model introduced with no changes except colours red added.
  • 1993 L3 model with Black frame and colour changes of ebony/purple/red & green/white/blue.
  • 1994 L4 model with alloy coloured frame & colours ebony/violet or green/white/blue.
  • 1995 L5 model with minor improvements to the engine & graphics on tailpiece changed from zxr400 to 400 only.colours of green/white/purple & ebony/purple/red availble.
  • 1996 L6 model with no changes.
  • 1997 L7 model with no changes.
  • 1998 L8 model colour change to black added.
  • 1999 L9 model with greatly improved engine with different crank & head.Colours of lime green/white or ebony/metallic eventide.


  • J models are the SP (sports production) versions of the H model zxr400
  • M models are the SP (sports production) versions of the L model zxr400

       * SP models are more noticeable by the single seat units


This list is a general rule, there are bound to be imports and bike on the road which will break this rule, maybe over the years your bike has been updated by previous owners due to lack of spares, funds or simply for the sake of it?



NOTE : there is also a ZX400 (zx400g) motorcycle which is not to be confused with the ZXR400, although sharing the same engine the style of the bike is very dissimilar, more of a sports tourer, there is not a lot of documentation available for the ZX400 but we are compiling as much info as possible in our forums to cater for the owner.