ZXR400 L5 no spark!

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ZXR400 L5 no spark!

Post by krystian579 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:46 pm

Hi all! let me shortly explain my spark issue i had for some time..

First, when the bike was still running i noticed a strange behaviour when accelerating - from time to time it would cut all power for 1 second, chuck me forward and there was a big bang from the exhaust. The bike would then carry on accelerating as normal, but it would happen again and again.

I left it in my garage for 2 weeks, came back and before starting it i changed all 4 spark plugs - as i wanted to see if this was an issue and they were due a change. After that the bike didn't start, there is no spark on all 4 cylinders. (even tried my old spark plugs and nothing.)

Here is what i done so far:
-Replaced both ignition coils with a spare - still no spark.
-Replaced my CDI with a spare - still no spark. (My original CDI is a "M", i replaced it with a "L" but should still fire up right?)
-Checked the pick up coil wires (plugged a multimeter into both wires, showing 340 ohm)
-Checked power delivery to the ignition coils, red wires have 12v, the other two have 11v each.
-Someone mentioned the GREY wire going into the CDI is meant to be 9-10 volts (not sure if this is correct?) but mine is 12v.

What else can I do? its driving me mad! Thanks!

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