Regulator/rectifier earth wire to connector block - gauge?

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Regulator/rectifier earth wire to connector block - gauge?

Post by Moonfire » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:03 pm


I've got an overheated (burnt out) yellow and black (earth) wire going to my regulator/rectifier and plan to remove it from the 6 pin connector and cut the damaged bit out - maybe 3 or 4 inches or so - and put a new piece in with a new spade connector, before connecting it to the new regulator/rectifier that I've bought.

I went to buy a length of wire and a new uninsulated spade connector today at a local Auto Electrical shop, but of course there are lots of different gauges of wire. Can anyone advise as to whether the gauge of the wire is critical and if so what it is, or am I right to assume that something that just appears visually similar will suffice? It's just with it going to the main earth that I'm being a bit careful.

I've also been advised to check all my earths (thanks Banner) and from what I can see on the wiring diagrams there appear to be 5:

1: Main earth to the top of the engine (which I think is the one that has burnt out by the connector block).

2: Starter motor earth.

3: Earth strap from the negative battery terminal.

4: Oil Pressure switch earth (blue).

5: Neutral switch earth (green).

Does anyone know if I have I missed any?

Grateful for any advice please.

Many thanks.


Apologies Banner, if my reply didn't come back to you. I think I might have been deleted in the exercise of a week or so ago which was when I sent it and only got back on today (thanks Baz).